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Craft a concrete, actionable plan to double your revenue, triple your profit, and 9X your valuation.

The Advisory Board

The world's most profitable businesses have been through succession of leadership multiple times, gaining more value with each transition.

Systemic Approach Institute Business Advisory was created with you in mind. A wholesome approach to business owners who not only strive to have a successful business in terms of revenue and quality product and service, but also successful in terms of inspiring culture and memorable legacy. And most importantly, a business owner who is healthy, happy, and fulfilled in their personal life as well. Simply said- thriving in all areas.

People usually start their own company out of desire to be their own boss or make a difference in the industry. Somewhere along the way the pressure of carrying too many responsibilities becomes hardly bearable, and where once passion and inspiration lived, stress and frustration moves in.

We are honored to have you on your journey towards experiencing more growth and quality in your business and life. Thank you for putting your trust in us. We will strive to provide you with our best guidance and advice that will yield tenfold in return of your time and resources.

Meet Ivan & Mariana

Ivan and Mariana Polic are bestselling authors, internationally recognized speakers and advisors of Leaders and Businesses.

As seasoned strategic growth specialists, they’ve honed their expertise in acquiring, restructuring, scaling, and exiting small-to-midsize businesses to maximize returns. Facilitating ethical and profitable transitions for business owners seeking retirement or sale while preserving the team's integrity and instilling long-term value is their specialty.

In the last twelve years, Ivan and Mariana have served as advisors to small and medium sized businesses, on some 300 plus board of director meetings, in various industries and economic sectors. They find leverage points in high impact times to ensure continuity and sustainability, in and out of crisis.

As long time Executives in the Aerospace Industry, they navigated through the minefield of succession, quadrupled their company's revenue and created a win, win, win, eight figure exit.

Through proven strategies and systemic principles, Ivan and Mariana advise leaders and organizations into alignment, impact and freedom beyond traditional success.


Leading Principles

The place and function that we serve for you:

  • A Safe Harbor where you can come as you are into a judgment free zone as we have probably made similar mistakes if not worse
  • ⁠⁠A Way Through the maze of emotions, decisions and circumstances into a bright future intentionally designed by you
  • A Bridge into the next chapter of your life overflowing with goodness of life that you so deserve

Family Business Mastery

In their book "Family Business Mastery", Ivan and Mariana Polic give you the insightful and practical tools you need to build a sustainable family enterprise. Moreover, they show you how to do it while nurturing and maintaining a level of trust and respect between the generations.

Drawing on their own direct experience the authors teach you how to avoid the death spiral of conflict; how to uncover invisible and dangerous family dynamics; how to unearth your Success DNA - the unique heartbeat of your company’s achievements; and how to navigate the succession process with ease and grace – just as the Polic family themselves have done.

Alongside engaging case studies of epic failures and wild successes, and with real, usable advice from their own journey, the authors set out a proven blueprint for you to follow. They invite you to examine the past, present and potential future of your business, and show you how you can leverage your findings to ensure your family business – and family relationships – flourish, securing your future and your legacy.

The 3 Day Jumpstart Your Exit Masterclass

For Successful Business Owners Strategically Exiting in 3 to 5 Years.

Craft a concrete, actionable plan to double your revenue, triple your profit and 9X your valuation in "The 3-Day Jumpstart Your Exit Masterclass"FREE!

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