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"We grew 50% over 2022... Our actual profits have tripled since we started working together."

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Jeffrey Mclean's Interview

Highlights & Compelling Quotations

Transitioning Business Ownership: "We were looking to transition the business ownership over to me... We didn't really have the tools. We'd never done anything like that." - This highlights the challenge of business succession in a family-owned business, a common scenario that many business owners can relate to.

Growth Management: "We were experiencing growth that we didn't really know how to handle... We kind of had a cap on where we could be as the business the way when we were doing things sort of status quo." - This underscores the common challenge of scaling a business and managing growth effectively.Solutions and Results: "You guys were able to help us with tools on how to scale the business... We've seen huge results even in the last year." - This showcases the tangible results and solutions provided, which is a significant selling point for similar businesses facing growth challenges.

Easing Tensions and Mediation: "Having a mediator definitely eased [tensions] so we could all come to an agreement in a really smooth way." - This points out the importance of external mediation in resolving internal business conflicts, especially in family-run businesses.

Financial Growth: "We grew 50% over 2022... Our actual profits have tripled since we started working together." - A powerful testament to the financial impact of the services, which is a major draw for potential clients.

Improved Team Dynamics: "We didn't lose a single employee last year... Everyone's been benefiting; our guys are making more than they ever had." - Highlights the positive impact on team retention and morale, which is crucial for business stability and growth.

Personal Benefits: "Even personally, I'm probably doubling what I was making even 2 years ago... My father and I, our relationship probably is better than ever." - This personal testimony adds a human element to the success story, making it more relatable and inspiring.These quotations effectively capture the significant challenges and triumphs of Jeffrey's business journey, offering a persuasive narrative for similar businesses seeking growth and stability.

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Garrett Donovan's Interview

Highlights & Compelling Quotations

Business Frustration and Seeking Help: "I was at a point where I was extremely frustrated... I always had a goal of selling my business... I needed some help, and [Ivan and Mariana] came in, and they really saw the business as a whole." - This captures the common sentiment of entrepreneurs reaching a breaking point and seeking external expertise.

Cash Flow and Efficiency Challenges: "Issues that we're facing is a cash flow crunch, over bloated company, too many employees... really honing in on the bottom line as opposed to top line." - Highlights the financial and operational struggles many businesses face, emphasizing the focus on profitability.

Clarity and Actionable Steps: "The 2-day [engagement] really helped me to get clarity... steer the ship and get things moving in the right direction." - Demonstrates the value of gaining clarity and direction in business operations.

Significant Cost Savings: "After working with Ivan and Mariana... we made decisions to eliminate some processes and staff... an actual savings of $780,000 a year." - A powerful example of the tangible financial impact of their consultancy.

Personal Shift and Engagement: "I've taken a personal shift... I was at the end of my rope after 10 years... they help me to get re-engaged in the business in a way that I wasn't previously." - Reflects on the personal transformation and renewed commitment to the business.

Impact on Staff and Business Culture: "My presence of working with the staff daily and helping them... has created a big shift... they helped me to know that me being there is a big part of the culture." - Highlights the importance of leadership presence and its positive impact on workplace culture.

Investment Decision and Value: "It is a big investment, but it's also a huge return... without them, would I be better off or with them... that turn[ed] the tables." - Addresses the hesitation and eventual realization of the value brought by the investment in their services.

Goal Alignment and Expert Guidance: "One of the tipping points is I've always wanted to sell my business... they've been through the process... that was valuable to know that somebody had been there, done that." - Emphasizes the benefit of working with experienced professionals who align with his goals. These quotations effectively articulate Garrett's challenges, the transformative impact of the consultancy, and the value it brought to both his business and personal life, resonating with business owners in similar situations.

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