The 3 Day Jumpstart Your Exit Masterclass

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"Let's sculpt your
exit into a masterpiece."

Craft a Concrete, Actionable Plan to Double Your Revenue, Triple Your Profit and 9X Your Valuation.

For Successful Business Owners Strategically Exiting in 3 to 5 Years.


Ivan and Mariana Polic


Inspire. Lead. Transform.

Sculpt Your Exit into a Masterpiece

Shift Your Way to Steady Growth, Consistent Team and Strategic Positioning to Create Maximum Value In the Marketplace and Cement Your Legacy for Good.

Give us just 60 minutes a day and we’ll show you how we scaled our operation to a successful 8-Figure exit and how we are helping our clients do the same.

In this 3-Day Jumpstart Your Exit Masterclass you will get access to LIVE BEST-IN-CLASS Training from two people who used these EXACT Methods to have an eight figure exit of their Aerospace Manufacturing operation In California.

Here’s what you can expect from The 3-Day Jumpstart Your Exit Masterclass


Phase One - Precision Planning

  • Crystal-Clear Roadmap: Navigate your exit with laser precision, turning uncertainty into a concrete, actionable 3-5 year plan.
  • No-Nonsense Strategy: Crafted by experts, designed for you. A simple yet robust blueprint for a triumphant exit.
  • Profitable Insights: Uncover hidden opportunities and pitfalls, making your journey not just successful but supremely profitable.


Phase Two - Due Diligence Dynamo

  • Team Transformation: Forge a team that shines under scrutiny, prepared and confident for any due diligence onslaught.
  • Operation Overhaul: A meticulous, resilient operation that withstands the deepest dive, turning potential weaknesses into strength.
  • Confidence Catalyst: Navigate due diligence with assurance, knowing you’re backed by a foolproof plan that turns every query into an opportunity.


Phase Three - Asset Amplification

  • Value Maximization: Every asset, every opportunity, meticulously optimized to attract and entice buyers.
  • Simple Alchemy: Transform the ordinary into gold, with easy-to-follow steps that create extraordinary appeal
  • Buyer Magnetism: Your business isn't just for sale – it's an enticing proposition, a magnet that draws buyers to your door.

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